Commercial property tenants in New Haven, CT are using SeeClickFix to report issues in their buildings.

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New Haven, CT was SeeClickFix's first partner city. SeeClickFix's office is nestled in the rapidly expanding entrepreneurial nexus in Downtown New Haven.

Because of the city and SeeClickFix's deep roots in partnership, New Haven has often been a city where some of the more new and excitingSeeClickFix initiatives begin.

For example, for the past couple months, commercial property tenants of Olympia Properties in New Haven have been reporting private property issues (i.e. missing ceiling tiles, leaky roofs, broken toilets) in their buildings to SeeClickFix.Although the project is new, it's been met with exciting success thus far.Through this partnership, Olympia Propertiesis forgingan innovative path by utilizing technology to solve problems on their property. They hope other property owners in New Havenfollow their lead!

"Before we were using SeeClickFix, we were using three sheets," said Sambina Farese of Olympia Properties, "I would write [issues down] on them when a tenant would call and I would keep a sheet for our records, give one to Chris (the owner of Olympia Properties), and the other to the maintenance guy who is doing the work." Farese said it wasn't a horribly inefficient system but she "would have records of tons of sheets with us" that would get tucked away in a binder somewhere to collect dust.

Now, with SeeClickFix, Farese's workflow looks a lot different. Tenants can use the SeeClickFix mobile app or website to report the issues with an attached photo, description, and location. All these reported issues are channeled into Olympia Properties' CRM backend, where Farese can keep track of the issues coming in. "I like it better because it has the date when I entered the issue," said Farese, "And then I can see how long issues have been open for". This helps Farese be more efficient and ensure all issues are being addressed in a timely manner: "I want things finished fast and don't like keeping issues open."

In addition, as Farese said: "It's much more organized, unlike the sheets!" With the paper system, it was understandable and likely that some sheets might disappear or be lost. "I might lose that sheet of paper," Farese said, "But when it's on SeeClickFix it's always there and I'll always see it."

As the number of Olympia Properties tenants using SeeClickFix grows, Farese predicts how they will feel about the platform. In particular, she notes the power of having two-way communication between the tenant and organization: "I feel like they will like the 'Acknowledge' [notification] because they'll know I know about the issue, that I'll take care of it, perhaps not right away, but it will happen."

"It will be a comfort to them for them to know I've seen [their issue], that I'll fix it soon, and we're good to go." - Sabina Farese, Assistant to the Owner of Olympia Properties

As was said earlier, it's no small potatoes that many of Olympia Properties' 16-18 commerical properties are located in New Haven, CT. Many tenants already use SeeClickFix to report issues to the City of New Haven. And now, they won't even have to leave the app to also report these private property concerns to Olympia Properties. Here's a quick infographic showing you how tenants can report property problems directly to Olympia Properties and report city problems to the City of New Haven from the same app:


The SeeClickFix mobile app is available for download on Android and iPhone. In addition to the mobile apps, tenantscan send reports

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