How do I report an issue on SeeClickFix?


Last night, my coworker Amanda Parr and I attended the Hill South/Hill North Community Management Team meeting. In New Haven (where SeeClickFix's office is based), every police district has a "Management Team" that addresses quality-of-life and safety issues in the neighborhood. One of the members of the Management Teams had invited us to show the rest of the team members how to use SeeClickFix to help them continue to make their neighborhood a more beautiful and connected place to live.

We had an incredible time, in part because a lot of presenting work was done for us! Over half the folks in the room were regular users of SeeClickFix and chipped in a variety of their own experiences, advice, and tips to supplement our presentation. Below is a slide deck explaining how to use SeeClickFix to report issues (feel free to share!), as well as the links to download SeeClickFix. Play around with the app and report an issue!

What is SeeClickFix? from Caroline Smith

The SeeClickFix mobile app is available for download on Android and iPhone. In addition to the mobile apps, tenantscan send reports