4 more winter weather tips for governments using SeeClickFix

DC_Snowstorm_Feb_-_Flickr_-_Al_Jazeera_English_6.jpg Earlier this year we put together a post with 4 good tips to prep for winter using SeeClickFix. Now that Winter is upon us, here are some tips for handling weather that could already be at your doorstep. 1) Seasonal request types: Customize issue request types to fit the season. When citizens report issues to SeeClickFix, they get to categorize the issue by selecting from a number of "request types". These issue request types are selected and maintained by the town ' and can easily be turned on and off depending on town's need. For example, towns can add snow-related concerns in the winter, prioritize park clean up in the Spring, push for beach/lake/river recreation area maintenance or tree trimming in the Summer, and use SeeClickFix to collect bagged leaves in Autumn. SeeClickFix was built for this kind of customization of the platform by the town; there's no limit to the possibilities! 2) Complete database: Manage Road Crew productivity and track average response times. CRM.png Responding swiftly and efficiently to citizens is especially important during the unpredictable and sometimes dangerous winter months. To be responsive, towns need the ability to keep track of the productivity and responsiveness of field staff and road crews. SeeClickFix's CRM allows town administration to receive real-time updates on the important work their staff is doing during pre- and post-storm hours. In addition, with all internal (reported by field staff) and external (reported by citizens) reports centralized in SeeClickFix's database, town administration can achieve a broader, holistic view of how work is being done over time. 3) City Notices: Send city-wide notifications about important, time-sensitive information. CityNotices-1.png Using SeeClickFix, towns can send out city-wide notifications during storms using the "city notices" feature. City notices essentially work as a reverse 311. They are a simple and helpful way for any citizen using SeeClickFix to receive notifications regarding closures, events, etc. within certain geographic locations. These notices can be city-wide and/or neighborhood-specific; they can be sent to all town citizens by email, as well posted on seeclickfix.com and website map widget for all citizens signed up for SeeClickFix to see. City notices are extremely useful for alerting residents about a variety of important, time-sensitive information, including road closures or emergency no parking events after snowstorms. 4) Mobile and website: Push residents to use SeeClickFix's mobile and website tools for non-emergencies to keep phone lines clear for emergencies. Spend more time prioritizing and taking action on items by having issues logged by citizens. With the town-generated, automated responses, issues can be automatically directed to the responsible department for prioritization and planning. In addition, SeeClickFix's new call-taker interface also allows officials to take the calls that do come in and log them directly into the same system to be added to the queue. A citizen's email can be attached to the issue to keep them up-to-date on the issue through email notifications. This creates better data for the town, while providing the most effective way of encouraging citizens to use SeeClickFix's mobile and website tools. SeeClickFix was built for both citizen and government uses year round, but winter is our favorite season. snow-plow-truck.jpg