Housing Authority of the City of New Haven Becomes First Housing Authority in America to Partner with SeeClickFix


For Immediate Release
| DECEMBER 15, 2015


Emily Byrne (Elm City Communities) | 203-859-1711 (c)

Caroline Smith (SeeClickFix) | 203-752-0777

NEW HAVEN – Elm City Communities/Housing Authority of the City of New Haven (ECC/HANH) is the first public housing authority in America to partner with SeeClickFix, Inc., a communications platform, which will allow non-HANH residents to connect with ECC/HANH residents, ECC/HANH residents to connect with each other, and all residents to connect with ECC/HANH.

"Connecting New Haven residents to each other and staff supports healthy neighborhood growth, which is why we are thrilled to call SeeClickFix our partner. Encouraging residents to work with us and each other through an online portal will improve our facilities and operations and boost civic engagement." – Karen DuBois-Walton, Executive Director

"When we built this company our dream was to provide a platform that, by being connected, would better inform residents and create citizens that change the country and world for the better. Our partnership with Elm City Communities is a game-changer in realizing this vision'our first public housing authority partnership and we hope others across the country will follow their lead," said Ben Berkowitz, Founder and CEO. Berkowitz continues, "As a New Haven resident and as a founder of SeeClickFix I have witnessed first-hand the power of technology in uniting neighbors and improving governments. For the people that can and choose to leverage technology in building stronger communities, we are the best communications platform that supports collective problem solving."

SeeClickFix is a communications platform that provides an array of online resident engagement portals and correlating management platform for ECC/HANH staff. The contract allows for New Haven residents (non-ECC/HANH and ECC/HANH residents) to anonymously report non-emergency issues that impact ECC/HANH developments and neighborhoods.

"Our partnership with SeeClickFix is about providing New Haven residents with another option, another platform to communicate with us. Although technology is not ubiquitous for ECC/HANH residents we acknowledge that it is for New Haven writ large. Providing a tool that closes the communications gap between and among New Haven residents and ECC/HANH staff helps us be a better neighbor." – Karen DuBois-Walton, Executive Director

ECC/HANH expects to launch the SeeClickFix platform for public use in early spring of 2016. ECC/HANH has piggybacked off of The City of Virginia Beach, Virginia competitive Request for Proposal process, which ends September 30, 2018. ECC/HANH will operate the SeeClickFix platform as a pilot as it continues to use its existing agency portal for ECC/HANH residents; ECC/HANH residents will continue to be able to call the resident hotline to report general housing and emergency issues.

About Elm City Communities / Housing Authority of the City of New Haven (ECC/HANH):

We, at Elm City Communities, believe public housing is the foundation from which the American Dream will survive and thrive for generations to come. Our vision is aNew Haven where every resident has a safe and decent home that they can afford and opportunities to fulfill their goals. Since becoming a HUD-designated Moving To Work (MTW) agency in 2000, Elm City Communities has become an incubator of innovation and an economic engine in New Haven, Connecticut. As a result, Elm City Communities has increased affordable housing choice, provided an array of self-sufficiency programs, created across the board cost savings measures, and spurred millions of dollars of indirect economic activity through redevelopment projects and job creation. Through the development and operation of affordable communities of choice and by providing opportunities for greater self-sufficiency in New Haven, we offer a lifeline to the American Dream.

About SeeClickFix, Inc.: SeeClickFix is a communications platform for citizens to report non-emergency issues, and governments to track, manage, and reply--ultimately making communities better through transparency, collaboration, and cooperation. They say all politics is local. While we're not political, we do believe that changes that have a real impact on our daily lives occur at the neighborhood or city level. It's our goal to provide the best tools for residents and governments to communicate for all sizes, populations, and budgets. SeeClickFix could not be done without help. On top of the passionate, fast-growing team of entrepreneurs at SeeClickFix, it is really only made possible by the amazing volunteers, citizens, and members of governments large and small who are passionate about everything civic.