SeeClickFix Superhero

Everyone in New Haven, CT knows Sabir Abdussabur' although they may not know his name or recognize his face. By day, Sabir is a community organizer, activist, and poet in the city. By day and night, he is the "Masked Maniac", a bike-riding superhero with a white mask and dubstep blasting from his black boombox tucked under his arm. He soars through New Haven's downtown making his rounds: preventing criminal activity in dark areas with loud music, reporting police officers who he believes may be abusing their power, and actively engaging with anyone he meets. Masked_interview_night_550_301_88_sha-100.jpg

(picture from New Haven Independent)

SeeClickFix Toolbelt

Sabir's mask, boombox, and bike aren't the only tools in his arsenal. He is also an active user and viewer of SeeClickFix, a mobile and web-based reporting tool for citizens to report non-emergency issues in their neighborhoods. He frequently surveys SeeClickFix to scout out reports of traffic violations ' informing where he will next focus his activity and rounds. In the harsh New England winter months, Sabir uses SeeClickFix to help shovel out neighbors in need. With the tool, elderly or disabled folks can request snow shoveling assistance from volunteers using the hashtag #snowcrew. "I put on my mask, strap my shovel to my back, and hope onto my bike," said Sabir, "And then all I need is my phone with SeeClickFix to find and help out the person who needs a hand."

Screen_Shot_2015-12-31_at_3.16.33_PM.png(heat map of snow-related issues in New Haven, CT)

Building a Team Sabir doesn't want to operate alone; he has a broader vision for larger community-led safety and SeeClickFix-based volunteer efforts. Over the course of a couple years, Sabir has built a team of other "Masked Maniax" ' mostly local New Haven public school high-schoolers ' who join him on his night rides. As Sabir said in a recent New Haven Independent piece explaining his youth organizing efforts, "It's very empowering personally to have that anonymity. Plus it's empowering physically because of the intensity we bike with. I'll make athletes out of those kids." 14bf717ff228d72a796c2c17fb475ea9_400x400.jpeg Sabir has been working with SeeClickFix to find even more ways to utilize the platform for his growing superhero team (or should I say league?). He wants to use the platform to identify hotspots of traffic-related activity for his team to address together. In addition, he wants to use SeeClickFix this winter to expand his shoveling efforts ' ensuring that more neighbors receive help while the Masked Maniax in high-school receive community service hours for shoveling to go towards their graduation and future scholarship requirements. Sabir is a true SeeClickFix Superhero ' utilizing online technology to affect change in his community offline.