Why do so many college towns use SeeClickFix?

Many college towns use SeeClickFix to improve quality-of-life and communication for the variety of residents that live inside their town lines. Here a quick short-list of a few of the college towns using SeeClickFix across the country:
  • Burlington, VT (University of Vermont)
  • New Haven, CT (University of New Haven, Yale University, Quinnipiac University, Gateway Community College)
  • Berkeley, CA (UC Berkeley)
  • Gainesville, FL (University of Florida)
  • Ann Arbor, MI (University of Michigan)
  • Princeton, NJ (University of Princeton)
  • College Station, TX (Texas A&M)
  • Winston-Salem, NC (Wake Forest)
  • Cambridge, MA (Harvard University, MIT)
  • Boston, MA (too many to count!)
  • Tucson, AZ (University of Arizona)
  • Valdosta, GA (Valdosta State University)
  • Pocatello, ID (Idaho State University)
  • Champaign-Urbana, IL (University of Illinois)
  • Charleston, IL (Eastern University of Illinois)
  • Adrian, MI (Adrian College, Siena Heights University)
  • Big Rapids, MI (Ferris State University)
  • Lansing, MI (Michigan State University)
  • Yspilanti, MI (Eastern Michigan State University)
  • Mankato, MN (MN State University: Mankato)
  • Greensboro, NC (Guilford College, UNC @ Greensboro, A&T)
  • Raleigh, NC (North Carolina State University, Meredith College)
  • Albany, NY (too many to count!)
  • Jersey City, NJ (Jersey City University)
  • Memphis, TN (too many to count)
  • Houston, TX (University of Houston, Rice University)
  • And many more!
There are many ways that college towns are uniquely positioned to utilize SeeClickFix.

1. College students are the largest demographic using smartphones.

According to a PEW Research Center study, smartphone ownership is highest among young adults, especially those with high income and education level. Some 85% of Americans ages 18-29 are smartphone owners, as are 78% of college graduates and 84% of those living in households with an annual income of $75,000 or more per year. This research shows that it’s becoming clear very quickly that young people use smartphones to get access to the information they care about. Therefore, cities should meet them where they are (on their phones!) if they want to engage them.

2. SeeClickFix allows the college town and college to redirect issues.

  SeeClickFix has increasingly worked with areas that are multi-jurisdictional (a great example is Pinellas County and St. Petersburg, FL). In many towns, portions of the land or roads are owned by other entities. For example, in college towns, a portion of the area will belong to the college itself. This also means that those issues that occur within the college boundaries often belong to the college. To the resident who wants to report an issue, however, they don’t want to know who the issue belongs to — they just want it fixed! SeeClickFix was built to allows cities and colleges to redirect issues between each other. This way cities aren't burdened with campus issues, but have a way to help track and report those problems to the right person.

3. Smart GIS mapping shows residents exactly where the boundaries are.

  SeeClickFix’s smart GIS mapping technology makes it easy for college towns and colleges to define their boundaries. This makes for a better user experience for the resident, as well as more efficient workflow for both the college town and the college.

4. Temporary or transient populations can cause routine/seasons of issues.


For college towns with transient populations, there are often routine, seasonal issues like street closures for moving in during the fall or illegal dumping when students move out in the spring. This variance across seasons requires a customizable platform. SeeClickFix allows college towns to easily edit and change service requests types throughout the year.

5. College towns and colleges require both internal and external reporting of issues.

  With SeeClickFix, internal and external reporting makes it easy for both cities and the colleges to manage building maintenance, code enforcement, or infrastructure suggestions.

6. College students need more ways to feel invested and responsible for their college town during their stay in the community.

  There are often tensions between the often temporary student population and the surrounding neighbors of a college town. There are many college students who want to invest further in their temporary home, but do not have access to the tools to do so. SeeClickFix can be a perfect tool to empower students to feel more valued, invested, and responsible for their college town during and after their stay in the town.