Oakland rewards residents $5,966 for reporting on SeeClickFix.

It can pay to submit reports on SeeClickFix. For the past two years, Oakland, CA has created tools and incentives for residents to help the city curb their illegal dumping issues. Here’s the problem:

  • Illegal dumping has become one of the most prevalent issues the City of Oakland faces on a day-to-day basis.
  • Half of the trash piles illegally dumped in Oakland are not by Oakland residents.

As part of a broader strategy, Oakland uses SeeClickFix to empower their residents to report these cases of illegal dumping.

“Reports pour in daily from people from the eastern to western to northern parts of the city. It can be as easy as taking a picture of blight, uploading the images to the city's SeeClickFix application and waiting for Public Works to have the trash removed. Successful cases have included pictures of license plates and the suspected dumpers.” —San Jose Mercury News

According to the Oakland City Attorney’s Office, the city has given out a total of $5,966 to nine residents under a city program that began in early 2015 for submitting these reports through SeeClickFix. Not that residents need a cash reward to incentivize reporting; in most cases, they just want an issue in their neighborhood fixed for themselves and their neighbors.

Here’s a quick chart showing the increase in illegal dumping reports in Oakland since 2012:


In part because of these efforts, the City of Oakland was the 2nd Top Fixer City in 2015. We hope to continue to work with the City of Oakland to utilize technology to provide their residents with a tool to help their city and help themselves!

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