Valdosta, GA launches SeeClickFix for their 56,000+ citizens!

Valdosta, GA Valdosta’s 56,000+ population will now be able to use SeeClickFix to report neighborhood issues directly to city hall. This partnership comes at an opportune time for the city, as SeeClickFix will be launching in conjunction with updating the city’s current website. The city thought it was the perfect opportunity to offer their citizens a multi-faceted, enhanced service package. In fact, at the beginning of their website redesign project, Valdosta’s website designer provided sample webpages of other cities; a majority of these cities utilized SeeClickFix, making Valdosta interested in pursuing partnership as well. Valdosta is excited about this partnership with SeeClickFix for multiple reasons. First and foremost, the citizens of their community now have a quick and efficient means of reporting non-emergency issues that they deem are important and need the attention of City staff. Reported issues will now be immediately directed to the appropriate City staff. The city strives to be known for outstanding customer service and they believe that partnering with SeeClickFix helps in achieving this goal. “The partnership between the City of Valdosta and SeeClickFix will insure that our citizens have the most efficient and timely method to report their concerns to the City. The direct reporting of issues by citizens, will allow the City to further escalate superior customer service that our citizens have come to expect. “ - Mark Barber, Valdosta Assistant City Manager In addition, Valdosta is thrilled to use the reporting system capabilities within SeeClickFix. The reports will assist Valdosta staff in assessing service issues, as well as, problem areas within the City. In particular, these reports will be useful in determining funding and providing appropriate staff with relevant information as they prepare budget requests and new programs for the City. The mobile app is available for download on Android and iPhone. In addition to the mobile apps, residents can send reports to Have additional questions? Our videos might help — feel free to share with neighbors, coworkers, & friends: