Hartford Business Improvement District has reported 50+ issues on SeeClickFix.


Rodney Crockett is the Operations Manager of the Hartford Business Improvement District.

The mission of the Hartford Business Improvement District (HBID) is to bring about positive and lasting change by enhancing the economic vitality and quality of life within the District. Working collectively with the Mayor’s Office, Police Department and Public Works Department, as well as the more than 100 property owners and other organizations within the District, HBID will accomplish its mission through initiatives that create a safer, cleaner and more attractive environment for employees, residents and visitors to the District.

“We heard about SeeClickFix through an individual who worked at the New Haven Downtown BID,” said Rodney, “And they really were the champions to push HBID to start using SeeClickFix.” Since then, HBID has been using SeeClickFix to communicate directly with the City of Hartford. “The tool helps us merge the gap between citizens and the Hartford Department of Public Works and the Hartford Police Department,” said Rodney, “Allowing us to better supplement the work of both the DPW and the Police Department.” The HBID’s field workers can easily report, record, and track city-related issues (such as trash dumping) through SeeClickFix, while ensuring these issues are  forwarded to the right city official with the right information to fix the issue.

Thus far, the HBID has reported 50+ issues on SeeClickFix, and added 20+ comments, ranking HBID as a “City Fixer” with 2,765 civic points.

In addition, the HBID is part of a broader network of leading cities with Block By Block, a system that provides safety, cleaning, hospitality and outreach services for downtown improvement districts. HBID is looking into potential options to use SeeClickFix throughout the Block by Block system.