Grand Bahama Port Authority partners with SeeClickFix to launch a free, mobile reporting tool!

Grand Bahama Port Authority, responsible for the city services of the City of Freeport, has partnered with SeeClickFix to provide a way for the city’s 26,000+ citizens to be more engaged in the management of the city.

  With the free, easy-to-use app and web tools, Freeport’s citizens will now be able to provide city staff with pictures, videos, specific descriptions, and more on the issues that matter to them the most. In particular, the Grand Bahama Port Authority is excited by the ease with which concerned citizens or visitors can report an issue. It is as simple as downloading the app to their mobile device or using the city’s website, taking a picture of the issue, writing a comment, and submitting.

With this partnership, Grand Bahama Port Authority’s goals are to have citizens lead the way in pride and care for their city. In addition, they want issues and concerns to be addressed immediately and begin to decline in numbers over time.

  “Thank you to SEECLICKFIX in helping us develop Freeport Report. We are looking forward to our residents adopting this tool as their communication platform, to report non-emergency issues so that the team of The Grand Bahama Port Authority can track, manage and reply, ultimately making the communities that make up the city of Freeport better through cooperation, collaboration and transparency.”
Ian Rolle, President of The Grand Bahama Port Authority, Limited

  The mobile app is available for download on Android and iPhone. In addition to the mobile apps, residents can send reports to their website and

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