Caldwell, NJ launches SeeClickFix for citizens!

Caldwell Borough Logo (2)
We are excited to announce that the borough of Caldwell, NJ joins the growing number of SeeClickFix partners in New Jersey! With the free easy-to-use mobile app and web tools, citizens are now empowered to report community issues directly to borough staff by providing pictures, videos and issue details.

  Mayor Ann Dassing says, “We are pleased to offer the value of SeeClickFix to Caldwell residents and staff. By enhancing our internal tools to support greater efficiency, we will improve our ability to track and resolve issues that matter most to citizens.”

  The borough is committed to using SeeClickFix to increase and encourage citizen involvement — and with more citizens using smartphones to connect, borough staff are utilizing technology too, helping to improve reporting of service requests and issues.

  Councilman Kris Brown says, “We are pleased to make it easier for the public to report issues without having to place a call. Reporting issues online reduces duplicate issues and cost-per-issue for the borough, and offers a great feedback loop to citizens by auto notifying them when their issue is resolved.”

  The mobile app is available for download on Android and iPhone. In addition to the mobile apps, residents can send reports via

  Have additional questions? Our videos might help — feel free to share with neighbors, coworkers, & friends: