SeeClickFix partners with Midtown Management District

Midtown Houston is comprised of two organizations committed to making their neighborhood the model of urban living in the center of Houston, Texas. Recently, Midtown partnered with SeeClickFix to provide a quick and easy way to report non-emergency neighborhood issues directly to local government.

  “The introduction of the SeeClickFix program will make it easier for residents to report non-emergency issues while improving the efficiency of communicating with the appropriate agencies,” says Darcy Lefsrud, Midtown Management District, Service and Maintenance Chair. "We expect this program will streamline the process of fixing neighborhood issues and will allow constituents a method to track the status of projects."

  Midtown Houston decided to implement SeeClickFix to make it easier for the public to report issues by adopting a simple, easy-to-use technology (including a mobile app and web tools) that also keep them informed along the way. In addition, SeeClickFix has a unique way of streamlining issues that will help Midtown Houston better serve the neighborhood and will allow them to increase efficiency. The simplicity of SeeClickFix on both the front and backend will make Midtown service and maintenance requests more interactive, facilitating a partnership between the residents and Midtown.

  The mobile app is available for download on Android and iPhone. In addition to the mobile apps, residents can send reports to

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