Another Homeowners Association partners with SeeClickFix: The Landings Association!

The Landings Association is the homeowners association for more than 8,500 residents of one of Georgia's premier gated communities. And now, they will be partnering with SeeClickFix to enhance services for the place those residents call home.

  The Landings Association is known for its emphasis on continuous improvement. One of the ways they achieve this is through their strategic planning process. One of their goals in 2016 was to provide additional technology-based tools to their residents and staff. Out of all of the products reviewed, SeeClickFix was the best match for them, as it will be used to simplify their maintenance request process while providing constant feedback to their residents.

  In particular, there were a few key factors that led to their choice of SeeClickFix:
  • Open format to allow residents to see reports and comment on them
  • Ability for The Landings Association to comment internally or externally in the system
  • One central location for all requests
  • Automated response system that is customizable
  • Ability to assign employees work orders based off of request (eventually automated)
  • Customizable app for The Landings Association with the ability to hold links (buttons) for other areas (call, Facebook, Gate Passes, website, Twitter, news….)
  • Third party monitoring of content and flagging of material inappropriate material
  • Geo-based system that can integrate with our GIS system
  • Landings Association branding
  • Status updates on open format (open, acknowledge, completed, archived)
  • Ability to report from multiple areas (internet, website, Facebook, app, etc.)
  • Analytics (time based, maps, etc.)

  The association is especially excited about the open platform, as it provides information and updates to be accessed and viewable by all persons involved and/or interested in an issue. It also encourages residents to submit requests in a platform that is easy to use and one that will assist in quickly resolving issues. This will not only improve their overall customer service, but eliminate potential customer runaround and provide a “one-stop shop” reporting mechanism.

  “It is important that we become ever more SeeClickFix accessible to our customers and this is just another tool to help us further connect with the community.  We hope you take the opportunity to explore and utilize this technology to further improve our communication and response to the community”.  
-Paul Kurilla, Director of Public Works and Community Development

  The mobile app is available for download on Android and iPhone. In addition to the mobile apps, residents can send reports using the SeeClickFix website.