Medford, MA launches SeeClickFix to boost public services!

The City of Medford announced today that they have joined the many communities across Massachusetts using Commonwealth Connect powered by SeeClickFix.

“We are thrilled to bring a reliable and efficient program like SeeClickFix to the City of Medford," said Mayor Stephanie M. Burke. "SeeClickFix gives the citizens the ability to record the location of an issue, take a photograph, share a comment, and submit a concern to the city for a resolution. We now have a work order system that will improve operational efficiencies and long term planning."

  The City of Medford chose to implement SeeClickFix to improve communication between citizens and the city departments, increase efficiency, and develop accountability for their departments in terms of their responsiveness and follow up. The city had been familiar with SeeClickFix for a while because it is being used in numerous cities and towns surrounding Medford.  

Along with improved communication, efficiency, and accountability, the City of Medford hopes that they can increase the quantitative data they receive to enhance operations and long term planning. For example, when it comes to graffiti or damaged property around the city, they can check on the status reports or where the graffiti is taking place. If the same locations are having issues, then the Medford Police Department can assess the situation and create a response immediately; whereas before they didn't have a comprehensive tracking system.

Check out this video to see for yourself how easy reporting an issue can be!

The Commonwealth Connect mobile app is available for download on Android and iPhone.