SeeClickFix Radio: City of Detroit, MI

On this week's episode of SeeClickFix Radio, we sat down with the City of Detroit, MI to discuss how they approach fixing the variety of issues being reported on SeeClickFix.

This episode was special in part because of our guest: Amy Sovereign, Program Management Officer for the Department of Innovation and Technology for the City of Detroit. Amy brought her rigorous, data-driven approach to fixing issues on SeeClickFix to the show. Here are a couple stats that stood out:

  • 4100 of 4500 tree issues that have been reported on SeeClickFix have been fixed in the City of Detroit.
  • 347 running water issues have been reported to the City of Detroit through SeeClickFix.

Similar to Memphis, there are a number of different associations that are using SeeClickFix in Detroit to do their work better. For example, many of the Block Clubs are using SeeClickFix to report quality-of-life issues to keep their area clean and safe.
Here are the Detroit, MI issues we covered:


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