Carbondale, IL launches SeeClickFix to the public

Carbondale, IL launched SeeClickFix for their staff in May 2015. For the past year, Carbondale’s staff have been reporting issues around the city using SeeClickFix’s mobile apps and website tools directly into their backend system.

  And now, after one year of using SeeClickFix internally, the City of Carbondale, IL is officially launching their SeeClickFix reporting tool to the public. This means that the city is making service request types open to empower Carbondale’s 26,000+ citizens with the ability to report issues as well. By making SeeClickFix open to the broader community, Carbondale hopes to continue to use the tool to become more efficient and reduce costs for the city.

  “Administrative Staff has been using the system internally for some time now; just recently technology was purchased for field crews and supervisors. We are now up and running everywhere, I can already see where SeeClickFix has improved our abilities to track and manage needs around the City. The timely updates and feedback to Citizens and Staff is a big customer service win!”
-Sean Henry, Director of Public Works - Carbondale

  “Like many SeeClickFix partners, Carbondale spent time to train and perfect their ability to use SeeClickFix internally. And now, it is thrilling to see them be equipped and ready to open the tool up to their public in order to continue to provide excellent services to their citizens.”
-Katie Timlin, SeeClickFix

The CARBONDALE mobile app is available for download on Android and iPhone. In addition to the mobile apps, residents can send reports to or

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