Humboldt, SK joins 10+ SeeClickFix partners in Canada!

The City of Humboldt, Saskatchewan, Canada has joined a growing movement in Canada to adopt SeeClickFix for their organization.

Humboldt had many reasons to start utilizing SeeClickFix, primarily to improve the tracking, transparency, and communication between the City of Humboldt and citizens when addressing community issues. The city chose SeeClickFix because of its ease-of-use and pricing model that fit a community of Humboldt’s 5,000+ population size.


In particular, Humboldt is the most excited about the efficiency of having non-emergency issues identified and addressed through one, easy-to-use platform. They aim to increase community engagement in identifying issues of importance, while simulatneously improving issue resolution time through proper tracking and assignment.

“Launching the Humboldt Connect app and online service is a great way for people to inform us of issues and be more involved in their progress and resolution.”
-Roy Hardy, City Manager

The mobile app is available for download on Android and iPhone. In addition to the mobile apps, residents can send reports to

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