A Canadian county and city in Canada launch with SeeClickFix — together.

There’s a growing national and international conversation about improving regionalization. How can multiple governmental organizations work together to provide services to their shared citizens?

In Alberta, Canada, there’s one county-city pair that’s using technology to enhance communication and services, while reducing costs and inefficiencies.

Today, Newell County and Brooks, Alberta, Canada have launched SeeClickFix for their 6,786+ and 13,676+ residents, respectively. Now, whether residents are within Newell County or Brooks’ boundaries, they will be able to use SeeClickFix’s mobile and web tools to report issues directly to the right organization. With these reports, residents can attach pictures, videos, descriptions, and more to ensure the county and city have all the information necessary  to get the job done quickly and efficiently. In addition, Newell County and Brooks will be able to assign and pass issues easily within SeeClickFix’s centralized request management system.

This partnership between Newell County and the City of Brooks is only possible because of SeeClickFix’s multijurisdictional approach capabilities. SeeClickFix has been used in an increasing number of county-city pairs in the United States as well — most notably in Pinellas County and St. Petersburg, FL. The Pinellas County and St. Petersburg partnership has been used as a national model for improving regionalization — even winning a Technology Solutions Award this past year.

To learn more about Newell County and Brooks’ mobile app, watch this video explaining how it works:

The county-city also created a flyer:
The ”Newell Connect” mobile app is available for download on Android and iPhone. In addition to the mobile apps, residents can send reports via seeclickfix.com.