Ten Beautiful City Mobile Apps

Over 64% of American adults use a mobile phone to get important, relevant information (up from 35% in the spring of 2011). Because of the increasing reliance on smartphones, local governments across country are using city mobile apps as the “digital front door” to the city.

Even if a city has a mobile app, however, doesn’t mean their digital front door is as welcoming to citizens as it could be. Sometimes cities have multiple mobile apps, meaning citizens must download many apps to receive all the valuable information. Sometimes cities’ mobile apps are cumbersome, creating a negative or confusing user experience for citizens.

Here at SeeClickFix, we’re proud to partner with city partners to provide their citizens with one, branded, fully customizable mobile app for all city information. Now, citizens of these cities have a beautiful, simple, and welcoming digital front door to enter into learning more about where they live.

Here are just ten examples of beautiful city mobile apps:

1. Maui County, HI - COM Connect


Maui County’s COM Connect features a beautiful oceanscape with a sailboat under the stars. Citizens can report 311 issues, but also find information about county events and paying bills.

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2. Gallup, NM - Gallup Connect


Gallup, NM’s Gallup Connect captures the spirit of the region, featuring a Southwestern landscape and the Gallup city logo. In addition to 311 services, it contains information for recycling and city meeting agendas.

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3. Suffolk, VA - Suffolk Citizen Connections


For their app - Suffolk Citizen Connections - Suffolk created a mobile phone with a fun and clever 3D view of the town, complete with buildings, parks, and roads. The app also has buttons to Suffolk’s Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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4. Edinburg, TX - The Edinburg Listens Line


There’s something about Edinburg’s old school look - complete with a red, white, and blue color scheme - that screams Texas (and also, the US of A!). Citizens can pay their water bills on the app, and also find important information from the Parks & Recreation department.

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5. Algonquin, IL - Algonquin Fix It


Algonquin’s app - Fix It - features a picturesque sketch of greenery, a path, and one of the town’s many notable structures. Algonquin citizens can not only report 311 issues, but visit the town’s Facebook page, or call the town directly.

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6. Detroit, MI - Improve Detroit

Detroit app

Detroit’s app “Improve Detroit” represents a growing, strong city. With clear, simple design, Improve Detroit provides citizens with a streamlined user experience. Citizens can report issues, connect with the Police Department, pay their water bill, among many others action steps directly from the Improve Detroit app.

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7. Newport, RI - Report It!

Newport app

Newport, RI’s app “Newport Connect” is stunning. It features the gorgeous Newport coastal line, complete with lighthouse and rocky beach. In addition, citizens can access the city’s Facebook and Youtube account directly from the app.

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8. Foster City, CA - Foster City Access

Foster City app

Foster City’s app “Foster City Access” has a clean, simple design. Citizens can head directly to Yelp! from the app!

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9. Winston-Salem, NC - CityLink 311


Winston-Salem’s skyline sweeps across the face of the city’s app. The app matches beauty with functionality, empowering citizens to report issues, head to the city’s website or Facebook, and check out upcoming local events.

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10. Pinellas County, FL - Pinellas County

Pinellas County app

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