60+ folks from cities and organizations attended SeeClickFix’s West Coast Workshop.

13227360_10154273026887853_1548427509714053929_o This past Thursday, the City of Emeryville hosted more than 60 SeeClickFix partners, potential partners, local residents, and city officials at the first SeeClickFix West Coast Workshop at the Emeryville Police Station. 13243868_10154273024137853_3319627461530636076_o Located right on the shore of the San Francisco Bay with a beautiful view of the Bay Bridge, the station served as the perfect venue for sharing tried-and-true pro tips for improving our communities while at the same time exploring new frontiers for civic tech. 13254918_10154273016747853_2134085359482317837_o Mayor Dianne Martinez of Emeryville kicked off the workshop highlighting the importance of citizen initiative and government engagement. She applauded the initiative of Rob Arias - graphic designer, local resident of Emeryville, and creator of The E’ville Eye (a community-driven newsite) - who played an integral role in bringing SeeClickFix to the city. Mayor Martinez’s focused on the positive impact engaged citizens can have in their communities, a perfect segue into the first working session on External Communication. SeeClickFix’s own Andrew Shetty and José Ruís Martinez, a current resident of Oakland, facilitated the discussion, which quickly evolved into an open forum around how citizens, governments, and local public services can collaborate creatively  to revitalize our neighborhoods and communities. 13198517_10154273017292853_3661259965657584283_o The second working session addressed Internal Communication and featured John McCabe, Program Manager for the City of Oakland. John’s presentation highlighted the efficiency of SeeClickFix as an integrated component of organizational management, both as a tool for incoming citizen requests and  internal correspondence across multiple systems. 13301439_10154273026592853_6136418738104091634_o The second half of the workshop began with a keynote address from Mayor Libby Schaaf of Oakland, who emphasized the importance of infrastructure in our cities and how local government and the public coordinate to ensure our hometowns are safe, enjoyable environments that encourage responsibility and opportunity. Mayor Schaaf’s insights set the tone for a group exploration of the challenges and opportunities presented in incentivizing citizen engagement in addition to improving government efficiency. 13227606_10154273020542853_1563928293025233326_o We closed the workshop by illustrating how the experience and expertise of both our citizen users and government partners fuel the product design process and direction of SeeClickFix. Our goal was to harness the collective creativity of everyone who attended the workshop and apply it to the enhancement of current features and creation of new features. The workshop produced a list of more than 50 applicable ways to increase citizen engagement and improve government operations, including:

  • Leveraging public service vehicles as SeeClickFix billboards and banner ads to inspire citizen initiative
  • Celebrate successes in problems fixed both for government and citizens
  • Creating an SLA model that incentivizes field worker accountability and efficiency
  • Improving internal communications and workflow
  • Expanding our integrations to better meet operational requirements across applications
  • Implementing location validation on issue addresses and GPS coordinates

Here's a full presentation of the workshop highlights:

13243876_10154273024697853_7229922813648419467_o 13247905_10154273024987853_6272142208645568083_o-1 13247937_10154273025592853_757396381840151549_o 13248399_10154273025272853_7304066893220954548_o We’re excited to implement the success of our first West Coast Workshop into SeeClickFix platforms and then doing it again next year!  We also want to offer a massive thank you to the City of Emeryville. And now, building off the success of last week's workshop, we're thrilled to announce the registration is now open for our Annual User Summit. This will be the West Coast Workshop with double the cities and organizations, double the keynotes and workshops — all in our headquarters in New Haven, Connecticut. Register by clicking the image below: Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 9.58.42 AM