Potholes, Loud Noise, and Shopping Carts: A Conversation with Roseville, MI’s City Manager

Today, we hosted the intrepid Scott Adkins, City Manager of Roseville, MI on SeeClickFix Radio. You can listen to the full episode below.

Here’s your #SeeClickFixRadio Weekly Digest:

Best Quote:
"Emergency potholes reported on SCF are filled within 2 hours if they are a safety concern.” -Scott Adkins on Roseville’s responsiveness. Non-emergency potholes are also generally filled within 24 hours. Amazing!

Best Story:
A Roseville citizen reported construction noise coming from a local Meijer store after hours, writing “The noise from the construction work is constantly waking my household as late as 2 am & 3 am.”

Scott revealed a very interesting behind-the-scenes story around this report on SeeClickFix Radio. Apparently, the noises weren’t coming from construction, but rather from merchandise delivery. Deliveries were being rescheduled because of construction during the day. Roseville’s government is working with Meijer and they’ve ensured that this issue has been resolved. Great example of citizens, government, and business working together to solve an issue!

Listen below for more stories on the prevalence of rogue shopping carts around Roseville and what they’re doing to solve it and the complexities of working with national corporations on buildings in disrepair.