Why SeeClickFix? Here are 4 Things That Make Us Unique

Here at SeeClickFix, we think about the unique benefits of SeeClickFix every single day, and strive to hone in on and perfect what matters most to our customers. What is important when it comes to civic engagement? What do governments and citizens need? What is the future, and how can we help shape it with our partners and their citizens?

We want to share some thoughts on these questions. Here are just four things we care about — four things that we believe make us unique:

Transparency: Real transparency is the future
Opaque, one-way processes for managing citizen communication perpetuates distrust and disengagement. Transparency enables government to meaningfully engage with citizens, and SeeClickFix is one easy way to walk the walk. But SeeClickFix isn’t just open data — it’s open data, real-time, which increases efficiency and solidifies trust by creating an immediate feedback loop between government and citizens.

Power: Make SeeClickFix your SeeClickFix
SeeClickFix is a powerful, flexible tool for cities and towns of all sizes and shapes. The platform can handle everything from simple use cases to the most demanding multi-agency implementations. It can even go beyond one city, operating in a county and across neighboring towns. The system is also nimble post-implementation, and can iterate based on new needs. It’s the most comprehensive and useful customization.

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User Experience: A seamless government experience
We want to make the citizen/government interaction like the interaction between friends and family. We deeply understand the need for an engaging experience for citizens and government officials. To that end, we’ve worked with citizens and some of the most innovative governments to discover what features are important to all parties, and the user experience on SeeClickFix is easy, beautiful, and constantly improved.

Support: Your success is our success
Purchasing SeeClickFix is the beginning of our relationship with you. From implementation to launch and beyond, we will walk with you every step of the way. A dedicated Project Manager will guide you through the implementation process as your advocate. After launch, a dedicated Project Lead will maintain close ties and address all your questions and concerns. We also have an in-house support team for both citizens and officials.

Interested in learning more? Talk to us about how SeeClickFix can work for you!

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