SeeClickFix CRM v3 : Field Ready


You need your internal communication to be centralized, trackable, and, most of all, simple. Today, SeeClickFix is introducing the third version of our CRM to accomplish just that. SeeClickFix CRM v3 focuses on three main areas -- dramatically improving work in the field.

  1. Work seamlessly across all your devices with a completely redesigned CRM
  2. Use @mentions to quickly and easily loop in coworkers to issues
  3. Manage communications and what’s said publically for internal roles working in the field

CRM v3 makes SeeClickFix THE central communication system for cities. When internal and external communications happen in the same place, work is simple and nothing gets lost. Here's how it works:


When a resident reports an issue, it is immediately catalogued in the SeeClickFix CRM for the Call Taker or Administrative Assistant to relay the right information to the right person in the right department.

From the CRM, you can assign an issue to field workers using the internal personnel role, allowing them to only communicate internally around the work that they need to do.

Using the information submitted, your public service workers are able to locate the issue, access any necessary secondary details, and communicate directly with their supervisors or managers using the @mention feature from any device, anywhere, at any time.

Even more, using @mentions sends a direct email notification, increasing the efficiency of your internal communications and ensuring that nothing gets overlooked or lost in your internal workflow.

Once the work is completed, you can confirm and close the issue and communicate a success back to the local resident, establishing trust, confidence, and correspondence between citizens and local governments.

From the moment you submit an issue in your neighborhood to the moment your local government service finishes the work requested, SeeClickFix facilitates a consistent, seamless experience, streamlining communications between citizens and their local governments while at the same time providing the internal management tools necessary to get the work done.

These improvements mark a significant step forward as we continue working together to increase workflow efficiencies across our platforms for you and your organization. Thank you for your continued partnership with SeeClickFix and your commitment to improving your communities!