The City of East Point, GA partners with the Airport West Community Improvement District to launch SeeClickFix.

The City of East Point, in collaboration with the Airport West Community Improvement District (CID), will be launching a brand, new app that will make reporting quality-of-life issues simple and convenient.

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The app is called Access East Point and will be powered by SeeClickFix. The city’s 35,000+ residents will be able to report issues such as potholes, graffiti, damaged street signs, code violations, power outages, sidewalk issues and more directly from their phones or desktops. Once an issue is submitted, residents will be able to monitor progress through the app’s tracking system.

In addition, the app will also provide users quick access to airport information, MARTA bus and rail schedules, and paying bills online as well as other services.

There are many reasons why the City of East Point and Airport CID forged this unique partnership:

Simplified reporting for residents

The city and CID were struck by the ease and simplicity of SeeClickFix — as a reporting app for residents and backend tool for management. Providing a user-friendly way for all residents to report issues improves quality of life and quality of data.  

&“The City of East Point is very excited about the opportunities afforded us via SeeClickFix application,” said Frederick Gardiner, City Manager of East Point, “The ability not only to receive information from citizens but to push information out to citizens via an app is invaluable.”

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Increased Transparency For both the city and CID, transparency is important. “Transparency and responsiveness is huge for any government to succeed,” said Natalie Tyler-Martin, Chairwoman, Airport West Community Improvement District, “I want to see this lead to more business owners moving to the area, and within the CID and East Point, to be a part of such a progressive city.”

For the city, launching SeeClickFix is part of an ongoing effort by City leaders to provide greater transparency, and to make government services more accessible to East Point residents and businesses.

Enhanced efficiency

With residents reporting issues, they can become the eyes and ears of their government — reducing the workload for governments while increasing efficiency.

Tyler-Martin of the CID put it best: “[With SeeClickFix, residents] have just increased the city’s work force by thousands.  They are now public works, sanitation, and code enforcement.  By playing an active role in the repair and management of the city and CID, they truly see their dollars at work.”

In addition, Tyler-Martin remarked on the partnership as a whole:

“As Chairwoman of the Airport West Community Improvement District, I have seen how public-private partnership can develop and transcend a community.  That is our vision and our mission.  We are a voice of the businesses and property owners, and by partnering with the City of East Point on SCF, that voice is not only heard, but understood.  The quality of any city is determined by those who stand with it to ensure its’ success.  In this partnership, the Airport West CID and City of East Point are working side by side.”

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Access East Point can be downloaded on the Apple and Google Play stores.