Traffic Signals, Park Rules, and Trimming: A Conversation with Windsor, CT’s Assistant Town Manager

Today, we hosted Jonathan Luiz, Assistant Town Manager of Windsor, CT on SeeClickFix Radio. You can listen to the full episode below.

Here’s your #SeeClickFixRadio Weekly Digest:

Best Quote:
"The important thing is to acknowledge the issue and keep the citizens informed." -Jonathan Luiz on his citizen engagement philosophy when it comes to issues that take a long time to resolve. Talk about being engaged and responsive!

Best Story:
A Windsor citizen reported a concerning issue about the need for a left turn traffic signal on one of the main roads. As of today, this issue had 851 views -- a huge amount of views! The view count indicates that many people in Windsor are concerned and interested in the issue.

According to Jonathan, the issue isn't so simple to solve. The road is managed by the state's department of transportation, so the city couldn't exactly take matters into their own hands. Getting outside agencies and governments to act quickly is difficult, but we wondered if the view count would help. Could an 850+ view count on SeeClickFix be used as leverage to work more efficiently with the state government? Jonathan thinks so.

Listen below for more stories on park rules and what to do when someone breaks them and the government and citizens working together to keep Windsor's public spaces well maintained.