A Park for Kids, Shrubs, and a Leaky Fire Hydrant: A Conversation with Carbondale, IL’s Public Works Director

This week, we hosted Sean Henry, Carbondale, IL's Public Works Director on SeeClickFix Radio. You can listen to the full episode below.

Here’s your #SeeClickFixRadio Weekly Digest:

Best Quote:
"One of the things we're tuned in to transparency. We run an open shop here in Carbondale." -Sean Henry on how things are done in Carbondale. An exceptional example of a government committed to transparency and open government!

Bonus Quote: "The beauty of SeeClickFix is it automatically routes issues and gets them in the hands of the right person immediately." - Sean on how SeeClickFix helps his department and others streamline their workflow

Best Story:
Sean Henry wears two hats--the Public Works Director hat, and the citizen hat. And one day, he saw a sidewalk that was obstructed by an overgrown shrub and poison ivy. As one does in Carbondale, Sean reported the issue on SeeClickFix as "Public Works Director (guest)" and this acted as an internal issue report, but also made the process public.

Sean's original report, complete with a picture, was on the SeeClickFix platform for everyone to see. This is notable for a couple of reasons. First, it helps the public to see that the Public Works Director has always cared enough to take care of even the seemingly small things. And second, it reveals the effectiveness of the various departments, whose officials responded to Sean's report and posted a photo of their job well done before closing it. This isn't just transparent government - it's government in action, made transparent.

Listen below for more stories on one citizen's request for a better park for Carbondale's kids and the a beautiful, red, leaky fire hydrant.