New Haven youth use SeeClickFix to make their neighborhood better.

IMG_0479 This is a guest blog post by Nadine Herring, Engagement Advocate at SeeClickFix. 

A couple weeks ago, myself and another SeeClickFix team member, Josh Wyrtzen, had the chance to meet and speak with Hopkins School seniors who were doing volunteer work with Adam Rawlings from Neighborhood Housing Services of New Haven and Friends of Beaver Ponds Park on an "urban oasis" along Sherman Parkway in New Haven.

I'm sure there are a lot of people, unless they're affiliated with the Friends group, who aren't even aware that the area of Sherman Parkway between Munson Street and the New Haven Police Training Academy is part of Beaver Ponds Park. I'll admit that even though I only live a few blocks from here, I didn't know this until a few years ago and back then it was an overgrown jungle that no one would want to visit. Since then the Friends of Beaver Ponds Park, along with the city of New Haven's Parks Department, and groups like Neighborhood Housing Services, Urban Resources Initiative, and countless volunteers have done an incredible job in transforming this area to what it is today.

IMG_0480 The purpose of my visit was to talk to these students about the SeeClickFix platform and how to use it. I also wanted to impress upon them the fact that the platform is about much more than just reporting issues: it's also a community building and networking platform, as well as a way to report positive things going on in the city.

It was a great meeting; I handed out a 1 page flyer which explained what SeeClickFix is about and how to download and use the app and website. I even had one of the students report an issue of illegal dumping across the street from their worksite on the SeeClickFix app on my phone; they were impressed with how fast and easy it was to report an issue.

Josh and I wrapped up by thanking the students for all the work they did in the area, and as a resident I thanked them for helping to make it look so good. We ended up brainstorming additional collaboration ideas with Adam from NHS and we have plans in place to appear at another neighborhood event on June 11th and additional workshops on the future!