5 Reasons To Go to SeeClickFix’s 2nd Annual User Summit

There are many reasons cities (both SeeClickFix partners and non-partners) are registering for the 2nd Annual SeeClickFix User Summit. Here are just five:

  1. Meet and learn from one of the Founding Fathers of Civic Technology.
giphy-1 We’re THRILLED to announce that Micah Sifry, one of the Founding Fathers of Civic Technology, will be giving a keynote speech. Read more about Micah here.

  1. Get SeeClickFix certified with the 2016 SeeClickFix User Certification.
giphy-2 Every city staffer at the User Summit will have the opportunity to be officially SeeClickFix certified with the 2016 SeeClickFix User Certification course. Bring your team to have this awesome chance to develop the skills needed to best utilize these tools.

  1. Learn TONS through 6 hands-on, interactive workshops with other city officials.
Government partners and the SeeClickFix team will be tag-teaming multiple interactive workshops to address the top topics that are most relevant to your work (think citizen engagement, internal communication, etc.).

  1. Drool over delicious lunch + dinner, including samplings of New Haven’s World Famous Pizza.
giphy-3 New Haven is known around the world for its incredible and varied array of pizza. We’ll be treating you to the select local favorites throughout the Summit.

  1. Network with America’s most innovative cities and counties improving citizen services.
giphy-4 SeeClickFix partners with more than 265 of the most innovative cities across the country. Connect, learn, and bring tools and insights back to your city. (gif courtesy of local New Haven stunt rider Mike Steidley)

And these are just 5 reasons to plan to attend this year's SeeClickFix User Summit!

Email our Event Guru, Andrew, at andrew@seeclickfix.com.

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