There’s No Place Like Home


“If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. You have the ability to make a real change in your neighborhood with a tool like SeeClickFix.”

Why should I care about improving my neighborhood?

That is the question we aimed to answer in the most recent workshop here in New Haven focused on exploring how SeeClickFix can be used to encourage and support local pride, responsibility, and investment in our neighborhoods.

Sponsored by Neighborhood Housing Services of New Haven (with a huge thanks to Adam Rawlings and Stephen Cremin-Endes,) the workshop featured the insights and experience of up to 25 local community leaders, NHS representatives, and SeeClickFixers discussing current initiatives and future opportunities for supporting organization and inspiring engagement in our local communities.

Nadine Herring - Engagement Advocate for SeeClickFix, NHS Residential Leadership Program alumni, proud NHS homeowner, and co-chair of her neighborhood management team - kicked off the workshop by testifying to the profound positive impact NHS has had on her life, her family, and her community:

“As someone who has been doing community work for 11+ years now, I credit NHS with giving me my start in community activism. As a renter, I was aware but not really involved with what was going on in the city, but it wasn’t until I became a homeowner and chose to invest in my neighborhood, raise our daughter here, have my parents live on the first floor, that I really decided to get involved in politics, and what was going on in my community and my city.

Once I started getting involved and noticing issues in my neighborhood, I tried the usual route of calling down to different departments at city hall but experienced the frustration of not getting connected to the right department or not getting a prompt, correct answer. Then I discovered SeeClickFix and my life literally changed. I became a “superuser” on the platform reporting, commenting, and voting up many issues in my neighborhood and watching them get addressed, changing my neighborhood for the better.”

Andrew Johnston (our National Solutions Architect) and Amanda Parr (our Support Specialist) demonstrated how to use SeeClickFix tools both on the web and on your phone and highlighted success stories of how local residents used SeeClickFix to generate real results - from making an unpaved sidewalk endangering impaired residents by forcing them into the street on their wheelchairs a televised news story to helping solve drug related problems in Burlington, VT.


Finally, we asked the workshop participants to write down their answers to the following questions on post-it notes:

  • Why should I care about improving my neighborhood?
  • What have I done and what am I doing now to improve my neighborhood?
  • What do I wish I could do to improve my neighborhood?
The post-it notes were grouped together by the following themes:
    • Family, Friends, and Fun
  • Local Pride
  • Safety
  • Transportation
  • Investment
  • Awareness
  • Environment
  • Engaging Neighbors
  • Involvement
  • Education

In the midst of a volatile political environment at the national level, we discovered a united desire and dedicated local spirit to make a change and establish our homes and neighborhoods as safe, enjoyable places for raising our children, preserving our environment, and for having a good time. Even more, we were able to celebrate the work that is already being done locally and identify ways that innovative technology on our laptops, phones, and home computers can be used to accelerate existing momentum and open new opportunities to come together as a community.

At SeeClickFix, we are grateful for the privilege to work alongside Neighborhood Housing Services and the actively engaged residents and governments dedicated to taking pragmatic steps towards improving their towns and cities. We are dedicated to providing a platform where all voices are given a chance to be heard, where respect is shared and communicated, and where education inspires engagement, awareness leads to involvement, and initiative generates change.

(If you have any questions about SeeClickFix, you can reach us by email: or by phone: +1 800-369-9060.