Elm City Communities becomes the first Housing Authority in America to launch SeeClickFix

“It is the policy of the United States (1) to promote the general welfare of the Nation by employing the funds and credit of the Nation...(A) to assist States and political subdivisions of States to remedy the unsafe housing conditions and the acute shortage of decent and safe dwellings for low-income families; [and] (B) to assist States and political subdivisions of States to address the shortage of housing affordable to low-income families...”
– Excerpt from the United States Housing Act of 1937

  In 1937, the United States Housing Act of 1937 was enacted to provide for subsidies to be paid from the U.S. government to local public housing agencies to improve living conditions for low-income families. Just one year later, the Housing Authority in New Haven, CT (renamed Elm City Communities in 2009) was established by the City of New Haven in response to the Act; their mission rooted in creating affordable and safe neighborhoods with stability and positive opportunities for its more than 1,900 low- and middle-income families.

And, now in 2016, Elm City Communities has become the 1st public housing authority in America to launch SeeClickFix. Every household on one of Elm City Communities’ sites, including families with children, elderly, disabled, and people in career transition, will be able to use a mobile device or computer to report non-emergency issues on the property through SeeClickFix directly to the housing authority.     DSC03657 The Housing Act of 1937 was a symbol of the government’s recognition and acknowledgement that safe, reliable housing as a valuable, important societal need. The partnership between Elm City Communities and SeeClickFix extends this recognition by not only valuing the subsidized provision of housing, but also providing tools to ensure the health and connectivity of the communities that are created in these housing areas. Housing is more than a home; it’s a neighborhood, a community. And, as Karen DuBois-Walton, executive director of Elm City Communities authority, said, “We want to be good neighbors”. Stronger neighborhoods are built on a foundation of better communication; and SeeClickFix will work with Elm City Communities  residents with an easy-to-use tool to communicate with the housing authority.

"If any organization has an understanding of what it takes to build connected neighborhoods, it's Elm City Communities. ECC has been a fixture in supporting the health, well being, and quality of life of New Haven residents of all income levels. They have gone above and beyond providing affordable housing — addressing the intangible yet vital needs required to foster respect and connectivity in neighborhoods. And now, we're proud to partner with Elm City Communities to help them continue to expand choice and opportunity for New Haven residents by empowering all to use technology to make their community a better more resilient place to live."  
-Ben Berkowitz, CEO of SeeClickFix

  As the Elm City Communities’ mission statement says:

  “Since its inception, [Elm City Communities] has continuously demonstrated its commitment to the people of New Haven with foresight, dedication and sensitivity. In the spirit of its original creation, Elm City Communities continues to find new ways to serve the ever-changing needs of an ever-growing population.”
  DSC03681   We are honored and proud to work alongside such a dedicated partner in the city where SeeClickFix was first founded. Elm City Communities may be the first public housing authority, but already other private residential/commercial property organizations are working with SeeClickFix to provide this level of service, including Olympia Properties (New Haven, CT), and others. This growing movement fits into SeeClickFix’s vision for a future where every housing authority across America is accountable and responsive to their tenants.