Essex, VT Launches SeeClickFix for their 20,000+ Citizens!

Today, the Town of Essex, VT launched SeeClickFix, a citizen reporting tool, for their 20,000+ population. Essex is joining the Village of Essex Junction (a SeeClickFix partner for the past 2 years) in an effort to provide a single point entry and resolution of service requests in the area. Now, individuals living or working in Essex or Essex Junction can submit non-emergency issues through a single app, regardless of location.
The Town of Essex hopes to improve service request response times and communication with citizens. They were excited by a variety of benefits SeeClickFix offers, including improved citizen access, the ability to automatically map issue locations, collect photos of issues, and provide tools for better internal communication and response times.

"The Town of Essex will join the Village of Essex Junction in implementing SeeClickFix on July 11, 2016 for handling of requests for service within both communities under the newly consolidated Town/Village Public Works Department. This App will provide better customer access for reporting of problems and more efficiently provide a means for the Public Works Department to respond to the issues. It will enable the Department to assign work more quickly, track on progress and provide management tools to assess effectiveness and efficiencies. The system is user-friendly and transparent as to Department responses. The App is free to download and use."
- Public Works Director, Dennis Lutz, P.E.