2016 User Summit Agenda

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In addition to inspiring keynotes, fun networking sessions and impactful hands-on events in the City of New Haven, there are three types of class sessions at the SeeClickFix User Summit.

Partner Case Studies

Learn from four in-depth partner case studies. SeeClickFix partners will present transformative experiences — highlighting specific lessons. Case Studies include:

  • Detroit, MI
  • St. Petersburg, FL
  • Malden, MA
  • Gainesville, FL
  • Burlington, VT

Product Workshops

Work alongside our product team to dive deep into SeeClickFix use cases, pro features and creative solutions to common communication questions. Participants will also use this time to inform the future of SeeClickFix product development.

Community Stories

Hear from New Haven community organizations that have used SeeClickFix to connect with the City and improve their neighborhoods. Each story highlights citizen groups that governments often struggle to reach.

Day 1

Breakfast with Ben

Enjoy a delicious breakfast with Ben Berkowitz — CEO and Co-Founder — and the rest of the SeeClickFix team.

Keynote: Micah Sifry

Kickstart the day with an inspiring keynote from one of the Founding Fathers of Civic Technology. Micah L. Sifry is co-founder and editorial director of Personal Democracy Media, which produces the annual Personal Democracy Forum conference on the ways technology is changing politics. Micah is also the publisher of techPresident, an award-winning blog on how politicians are using the web and how the web is using them as well as the author of a number of books including “The Big Disconnect: Why The Internet Hasn't Transformed Politics (Yet)”.

Partner Case Studies: Implementation and Internal Buy-In

Amy Sovereign of Detroit, MI

When Mayor Duggan stepped in to lead a turnaround in Detroit, he had an ambitious 100 day plan. One project at the heart of this turnaround was Improve Detroit : a service program that leveraged existing agencies and modern technology to connect citizens directly with Detroit staff.

With a limited budget and the whole country watching, Mayor Duggan looked to Amy Sovereign to manage this city-wide project. One year and 35,000 issues later, Improve Detroit is a massive success story. During this session, Amy will lead a discussion on the lean process that she implemented in Detroit — opening up for questions and additional tactics from the audience along the way.

Product Design Workshop: Managing Requests: from the Desk to the Field

The SeeClickFix Product team will be demonstrating how the Call Taker Interface is used to accurately capture information from incoming calls and how that information is automatically rendered into a Service Request and assigned to the right Field Worker.

We will be highlighting current features in the Call Taker Interface and how they can help support internal communications and workflows. We will also be inviting participants to brainstorm around further enhancements and new features through a collaborative QA session.

Partner Case Studies: City and County Relationships

David Flintom of St. Petersburg, FL

Improving the relationships between cities and counties is essential to building more efficient, effective citizen services. Learn how St. Petersburg and Pinellas County worked together on a SeeClickFix project with award-winning results.

Community Stories: Solar Youth

Governments often struggle to engage young people. On the other hand, SeeClickFix, with its combination of technology and community purpose, is often a successful bridge between youth and government. Learn from one New Haven organizations, Solar Youth, about how they have been working with SeeClickFix to help youth feel more heard and valued by their city.

Lunch with the City of New Haven

Head down the block to the New Haven’s City Hall for a delicious lunch hosted by the City of New along with a presentation, describing how the City uses SeeClickFix to engage citizens and run efficient operations.

Walking History of SeeClickFix in New Haven

The City of New Haven has been using SeeClickFix for 8 years. In that time, more than 13% of the City’s population has engaged via SeeClickFix. This history and level of participation has made SeeClickFix core to many small and large changes throughout New Haven.

Come on a walking tour of the City featuring Doug Hausladen, Chief of Transportation at the City of New Haven, and Ben Berkowitz, highlighting key locations where SeeClickFix has made a difference.

Product Design Workshop: Mobile Apps

The SeeClickFix mobile app is the best way for citizens to report problems, find information and engage with their community. This coming year, SeeClickFix will be unveiling a completely redesigned mobile app focused on faster, more accurate reporting and creating space for communities to connect, network, and organize.

We will be inviting participants to engage as part of our design team, helping us to prototype, iterate, and enhance the new mobile app to better equip citizens with the tools they need to improve their neighborhoods.

Partner Case Studies: Special Use Cases

Bill Ward of Burlington, VT

Each city and county has unique needs. The flexibility of SeeClickFix allows the platform to accommodate these varied and often evolving, needs. Burlington, VT is one of many communities hit by the recent heroin crisis. Learn from Bill Ward, Director of Code Enforcement at the City of Burlington, about how the City has been using SeeClickFix to collect dropped syringes safely — while leveraging SeeClickFix data to address the heroin crisis long-term.

Lifecycle of a Service Request in New Haven

During this hands-on tour, we will literally walk through the lifecycle of a service request in New Haven. At each stage the group will discuss the challenges that the City faces and the solutions that they have implemented.

Partner Case Studies: Building a digital city in Gainesville, FL

Gainesville, FL plans to become the first ever “citizen-centered city”. Learn how Gainesville is defining citizen-centered and how SeeClickFix is playing a major role.

Product Design Workshop: Internal Communication

Internal communication is integral to successful citizen service and crucial for getting work done. During this interactive workshop, we will be presenting how SeeClickFix facilitates internal communications between field workers and managers through internal comments, assignment and @mentions.

Along the way, we will draw upon the experience, questions, and current obstacles our partners face to understand and design solutions for the complex and evolving communication needs of modern governments.

Official Launch of SeeClickFix Work

Over the past year, SeeClickFix has been developing new ways to facilitate internal workflow and personnel management. Today we will be announcing a brand new suite of tools that we call SeeClickFix Work. Some of our partners have seen a sneak preview via the SeeClickFix Work Beta, but today’s demo is all new, and one we think it’s going to be very exciting. Tucker Severson, Director of Marketing will lead the product walk-through and Slate Ballard will lead a discussion of the philosophy and vision of SeeClickFix Work.

Happy Hour Reception

Join us to decompress and relax with drinks after a full, packed day.

Day 2

Breakfast with Ben

Here’s another chance to hang out with SeeClickFix CEO and Co-Founder. Learn about the origin story of SeeClickFix and where he sees the direction of the future of the company heading.

Product Design Workshop: Managing Staff with SeeClickFix Work

SeeClickFix Work is designed to empower government partners to manage staff and workflow. During this hands-on workshop, our product team will walk through how the new internal personnel role in Work combines with internal communication tools and the mobile CRM to bring field users onto SeeClickFix. We will also discuss the future of roles and group management in SeeClickFix Work.

Community Stories: New Haven Management Teams

New Haven is organized into 12 Management Teams based on policing districts. In many cases, Management Teams have become the hubs of neighborhood engagement and activity. Learn from some of the citizen leaders of these teams on how they have leveraged SeeClickFix to connect with their governments and advocate for their community’s needs.

Partner Case Study: Communication Strategies

Denise Mercer of Macon-Bibb County, GA

Learn how Macon-Bibb County has developed a communication strategy that utilizes both technology to provide world-class customer service with limited staff and resources.

Community Stories: Neighborhood Housing Services

Neighborhood Housing Services directly addresses the housing needs of low-income populations in New Haven. Through SeeClickFix workshops with their resident leadership program, Neighborhood Housing Services empowers their residents with the opportunity to feel ownership and control over their neighborhoods. Learn how they did it and where they are going next.

Partner Case Studies: Setting up a 311 Center

Ron Cochran of Malden, MA

With limited resources and staff, the City of Malden, MA built a 311 center utilizing SeeClickFix. Get an in-depth look at how they built the center from start to finish.

Product Design Workshop: Benchmarking and Reporting Success

Government agencies use SeeClickFix to increase the reach and quality of services to citizens. By centralizing citizen service data through SeeClickFix, these agencies are also able to measure the success of these services in ways that were often not previously possible. During this workshop we will discuss how to set goals, how to measure success within the CRM and finally how to communicate that success to the public.


New Haven is known for its world-renowned pizza. Come get a sampling of New Haven’s pizzas — from Frank Pepe’s to Modern!

Walking history of SCF in New Haven

The City of New Haven has been using SeeClickFix for 8 years. In that time, more than 13% of the City’s population has engage via SeeClickFix. This history and level of participation has made SeeClickFix core to many small and large changes throughout New Haven. Come on a walking tour of the City featuring Doug Hausladen, Chief of Transportation at the City of New Haven, and Ben Berkowitz, highlighting key locations where SeeClickFix has made a difference.

Exploring the Future of SeeClickFix CRM

Managing internal workflow and communication through the CRM is just the beginning! In this workshop, our Product Team will be welcoming insights from your experience in local government and community engagement as we exploring new ideas and potential features for the CRM. Through collaborative exercises and hands-on activities, your contribution will help shape the future vision and design of the CRM in 2017.

Mobilizing Citizens and Organizations

Nadine Herring, Engagement Advocate at SeeClickFix

You have SeeClickFix — now what? How do you encourage your citizens to use the platform? Learn from SeeClickFix Engagement Advocate, Nadine Herring, on the best ways to engage your citizens around SeeClickFix.

Product Workshop: Managing Workflow with SeeClickFix Work

Our Product Design team will be walking through that all new internal workflow features in work — from the moment an Issue is opened to the point it is successfully closed. Your feedback and suggestions are welcome in a collaborative exploration of how SeeClickFix can streamline your task management and increase the efficiency of your field crews and internal operations.

The Future of SeeClickFix

Ben Berkowitz, CEO and Co-Founder at SeeClickFix

Dinner: Cask Republic