3 Easy Ways to Fall in Love with a City While on Vacation with SeeClickFix

Americans make over 650 million summer vacation trips every year. They visit the beach, the mountains, historical sights, big cities, small towns, and everything in between.

But vacation from work or school doesn’t have to mean vacation from civic engagement. There are a variety of ways to be a good citizen whether you’re in your hometown or a faraway city. If your destination city is a SeeClickFix partner, one easy way is to download the SeeClickFix mobile app to connect with the local government. Many SeeClickFix partners even have their own dedicated mobile app (check out some beautiful city apps here!).

Here are 3 things you can do on the SeeClickFix app while enjoying a new city on vacation:

1. Report Problems
report issues

Cities, especially tourist destinations, see a lot of wear and tear. You can help the local government by alerting them of issues like potholes, broken street lamps, graffiti, illegal dumping, and much more through SeeClickFix. Your report will go directly to the appropriate department in the government to fix. Check out Houston's app above!

2. Find Important Information
find information

If you want to find information on parking, government phone numbers, airports, or even public transportation, you may be able to do so on the city’s SeeClickFix app. For example, Houston has a button on their app for public transportation, airports, contact information, emergency information, and more.

3. Find Fun Things to Do
find things to do

Some city apps include a city events calendar, as well as more information on specific kinds of activities. Houston’s app has a button for info on bikeways if you brought your bike, dog parks if you brought your pup, and a golf course if you brought your clubs. Different cities will have different buttons, depending on what they have to offer visitors.

Want to see if your city has a dedicated mobile app with SeeClickFix? Check here for iPhone and here for Android!

happy summer