Logging calls with SeeClickFix.


SeeClickFix helps government centralize service requests. Citizens use lots of channels — including mobile apps, website forms and Facebook apps — to reach their local government.

These tools are great — they are easy, accessible, and take a load off of government staff, because they are entered into SeeClickFix automatically.

However, some citizens still prefer to call their local government by phone. Others might even show up in person, send an email or tweet at City Hall.

To handle these types of requests, SeeClickFix has built a simple, easy-to-use form for call takers. This form makes citizen services easier in three primary ways by:

  1. Tracking calls and centralizing those requests into SeeClickFix.
  1. Avoiding duplicate issues before they are created
  1. Reducing future phone calls by onboarding callers to use SeeClickFix next time!