Susquehanna University becomes the 3rd University to Launch SeeClickFix

SeeClickFix isn’t just for cities anymore. Increasingly, more and more private and public institutions are utilizing SeeClickFix’s tools to make their organization more efficient and transparent for the communities they serve.
visit-gallery-1 In particular, colleges and universities from across the country are discovering how they can use SeeClickFix to communicate better with both students and staff. Since 2011, Southern Connecticut University has been using SeeClickFix to connect with students, faculty, and staff; and just this past March, Carnegie Mellon University launched SeeClickFix as well. And now, today, Susquehanna University in Pennsylvania is launching the reporting tool — becoming the 3rd university to partner with SeeClickFix.

Susquehanna University has a total enrollment of 2,084 and has frequently been ranked among the top universities and liberal arts colleges in the country. In efforts to innovate and improve their quality of service to students and staff, Susquehanna University will be using SeeClickFix for their facilities services.

"The ability to quickly identify and report issues is key to delivering excellent service. We know we can address any problems on campus, the challenge has always been knowing what needs to be fixed in a timely fashion. In the past it was a challenge to get folks to report what they were seeing. With SeeClickFix we are now able to leverage that fantastic reporting device everyone is already carrying! With a few simple clicks we now know what needs to be fixed and our stakeholders are fully engaged in the process!"
-Chris Bailey, Director of Facilities Management

Students and staff can use their new app called SU311 (powered by SeeClickFix) along with website tools to report all of their maintenance issues and concerns.

SU’s Facilities Management staff will then be able to manage and address reported issues in SeeClickFix’s centralized management system — keeping students and staff in the loop with automatic and manual updates.

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With this launch of SeeClickFix, Susquehanna University joins a growing movement of universities and colleges using SeeClickFix tools to meet students and staff where they are. Chris Bailey met with a group of student Resident Advisors to show them the app:

"To say they were thrilled is an understatement. We couldn't walk out of the room before they had the [SU 311] app downloaded on their phone. They get it. That's exactly how they want to be able to interact with SU --through their smartphones."

SU311 is available for download on Android and iPhone.