It’s Official: You Can Now Download WorkerReport in Seattle, Oakland, and Santa Clara County

Read full press release from The Workers Lab here.

WorkerReport was built to test whether workers across an array of industries would use technology to report wage theft and health and safety violations to local workers’ rights groups.

SeeClickFix and The Workers Lab are thrilled to announce that WorkerReport, an app for worker rights enforcement, is now available to download in Apple and Android stores for users in three areas:
  • Seattle, WA
  • Oakland, CA
  • Santa Clara County, CA
The three areas were selected based on the areas of three nonprofit partners selected to lead pilot testing of the app:
  • Fair Work Center (Seattle)
  • East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy (Oakland)
  • Santa Clara County Wage Theft Coalition (San Jose, CA and surrounding)
worker_report_promo_2 “Despite recent wins in Seattle like the increased minimum wage or paid sick leave for all workers, we see workers everyday experiencing wage theft or denial of benefits. We are excited to partner with The Workers Lab and SeeClickFix to test how an app can support workers in advocating for their legal rights at work.”
-Nicole Vallestero Keenan, Executive Director of Fair Work Center

WorkerReport was built to help these organizations engage a variety of workers — especially those who may be unaware of where they can go for help when their rights have been violated. In particular, these organizations hope the app affords them the ability to:
  • Build trust with workers
  • Provide quick assistance to workers
  • Connect workers with legal action and / or support services
The goal for the next several months of testing is to continuously improve the app’s interface and functionality based on user feedback. From a learning perspective, all partners involved want to better understand if and how trust can be built with workers using an app platform and also, whether this is the right approach to strengthening a deeply fragmented and broken enforcement system.

"We've built plenty of SeeClickFix apps before, but WorkerReport is the first of its kind for us. We're all excited to learn as much as we can about how tech can best serve workers facing real challenges in the workplace."
-Ben Berkowitz, CEO of SeeClickFix

“We want to test whether an app for enforcement can serve as a trusted conduit for workers to raise their concerns. We are so excited to learn. Can you imagine a world where working people believe they have somewhere safe to report an instance when their check was short or they felt unsafe at work? If workers have an appetite to speak up this way, we can only imagine the possibilities.”
-Dr. Carmen Rojas, co-founder and CEO of The Workers Lab

“NELP is excited to partner with The Workers Lab and SeeClickFix to test the use of technology towards building a robust enforcement system and to ensure that recent wage wins do actually raise working families’ pay and improve their lives.”
-Haeyoung Yoon, Deputy Program Director at the National Employment Law Project (NELP)

WorkerReport is available to download for Android and iPhone.