The Town of Wenham, MA launches SeeClickFix to 4,900 residents

blog-post-wenham The Town of Wenham, MA is continually looking for innovative ways to engage with their residents. Just this last year through the Community Compact program, Wenham committed to implementing best practices for citizen engagement.

SeeClickFix, especially in Massachusetts, is a well-known application in many municipalities across America. And now, Wenham’s 4,900 residents will be able to use the free application to work quality-of-life issues easily and simply to the Town of Wenham. Besides the reporting tool, SeeClickFix’s backend will provide Wenham with the workflow management to help the town improve response times and data while reducing costs.

“We are excited to announce our partnership with SeeClickFix, a dynamic mobile application that provides a new forum for residents to engage with the Town. This platform will allow us to be more transparent to residents in responding to local issues, and will also create an internal work order and data collection system that will help streamline daily workflow and support better asset management.”
-Peter Lombardi, Town Administrator

Wenham residents can report issues directly to the town’s website here. SeeClickFix is free to download for Android and iPhone.