Announcing SeeClickFix Work — designed by citizens and governments together


Today, we are launching SeeClickFix Work — a new cornerstone in our comprehensive civic technology suite for citizens and governments.

But first, let’s give some background.

In 2007, SeeClickFix was founded to empower neighbors to publicly document the issues they care about most. From the start, neighbors used free SeeClickFix tools to raise awareness and resolve issues in their communities. Governments joined soon after, excited to be a part of a network that allowed for faster communication, data better, and smarter workflow. These neighbors and governments have shown that open, public discourse is a powerful tool for change.

Since then, we have worked closely with governments and neighbors to build the public communication tools that build stronger civic relationships and more trusting communities. This work resulted in the three cornerstones that our government partners use everyday:

  • SeeClickFix Request: A backend to centralize every single request reported to City Hall.
  • SeeClickFix Engage: A mobile app to bring City Hall into citizens’ pockets.
  • SeeClickFix Analyze: A dashboard to understand the data to make the best decisions.

The results have been amazing:

  • Almost a million users use SeeClickFix across the world.
  • Nearly 300 governments use SeeClickFix to respond to issues.
  • Over 3 million issues have been reported — and almost 90% have been fixed.

Today, our government partners need even better tools to meet the evolving needs of the public they serve. SeeClickFix Request, Engage, and Analyze have brought neighbors and government closer than ever. However, once these issues reach the government, communication gets even more complex. Governments need to not only collect requests but also fully integrate requests into their daily workflow. This means managing both internal staff, external assignments, and the communication needed to make it happen.

That’s why we built SeeClickFix Work. Here’s what it can do:

Once requests come into SeeClickFix, governments need to manage two primary things: People and Work.

First, managing people.

In a government department, each person has a different role and different things to do. SeeClickFix Work gives governments the ability to define roles, abilities, and permissions for every single staff user.

With Internal Personnel, governments can bring on all their field staff without worrying about what will be said publically. Staff will be able to see only the issues assigned to them — simplifying workflow. Governments can also bring on outside contractors who do not need to see communication outside their tasks. In essence, this allows governments to broaden who can use SeeClickFix.

Second, managing work.

In addition, SeeClickFix Work provides improved internal processes for advancing an issue from start to completion.

Status Workflow connects the internal workflow with the public statuses tracked by citizens. Finishing a job takes more than “acknowledging” the issue and then “closing” it after it’s been fixed. SeeClickFix Work now accounts for the various steps in between — like “In Progress” and “Needs Review” — allowing governments to stay more vigilant and efficient internally.

There are some issues that need attention right away - especially when they’re overdue. Escalation Notifications send daily email updates on these overdue issues to the right people, in accordance with business hour Service Level Agreement requirements.

SeeClickFix — Request, Engage, Analyze, and now, Work — is a comprehensive and robust management system serving citizens and governments all across the country. We are giving the tools neighbors and governments have asked for to help create a better community for all of us.

We’re excited about a lot of things about SeeClickFix Work. But what excites us the most is building a tool designed by neighbors and governments — together.