SeeClickFix for Android, Completely Redesigned


Here’s a fact: more and more people are using mobile to connect with their governments.

In 2014, over 40% of people in the US used their mobile phones to look up government services and information. This means millions of people are signing up for healthcare, paying parking tickets, and reporting neighborhood issues directly from their phones.

This trend doesn’t just affect young adults (85% of whom are mobile phone owners), but everyone. This move to mobile is about all people from all demographics who have increased access and ability to use mobile phones over desktops.

SeeClickFix is, among other things, a mobile app that empowers residents to report issues directly to their governments. And we are responding to the rise of mobile by completely revamping all of our mobile platforms.

Where are we starting?


Today, we are announcing a newly redesigned SeeClickFix Android app (download it here). You’ll love it, and here’s why:

It is much more personalized.
For years, the Android app has given cities the opportunity to brand the app, giving you a more personalized and familiar experience. Now, you can also explore and learn more about your city through a view of available services and informational pages on the new “Place” tab.

There’s also an enhanced “Profile” page, where you’ll be able to see the issues you’ve reported, commented on, or voted for — all in one place.

It looks really nice.
The new SeeClickFix Android app has a more beautiful design and provides a better experience.

On the old SeeClickFix Android app, you had to click the sidebar to get to the app’s main activities — Place, Report, and Profile. Now, we’ve shifted the old sidebar menu to a bottom navigation, where it is super easy access the main pages of the app while holding your phone.

To make the app as seamless and beautiful as possible, we had a ton of fun following the Google Material Design Guidelines.

It’s so much easier to report an issue to City Hall.
Reporting an issue to City Hall is easier — and better. Making it simpler to report doesn’t just enhance the app experience — it makes sure that the reported data is more accurate.

Before submitting a new issue, you will see a list of potential duplicate issues When you try to report on the new Android app, it will let you know if someone has already reported a specific issue at a specific location.

You will be able to attach up to five images to a single issue Government workers love images because they help them understand the problem before they go out in the field. The ability to upload up to five images will help you communicate exactly where the issue is and how severe it is.

The app will pull the location of the issue from the image automatically Sometimes, you don’t have time to report an issue while you’re on the road. But you might have time to snap a photo. Now, the Android app will pull location data from the image that you took, allowing you to report once you have the time and space. No need to stop to report and no need to remember where it was.

Download the new SeeClickFix Android App on the Google Play Store!

We’ve committed to completely redesigning all of our apps for all of our users — to continue to make it easier and faster to report issues that you care about the most.

What’s next?
  • iPhone — coming Spring 2017.
  • SeeClickFix partner apps — on a rolling basis.