North Port, FL Launches the North RePort App for 50,000+ Residents


Today, North Port, FL is launching North RePort, a civic engagement and reporting app powered by SeeClickFix, for its 50,000+ residents. The City of North Port aims to provide tools which make it easier for those they serve to let the City know their concerns, as well as make it easy for staff to respond in a timely and efficient manner. It simply can’t get easier than SeeClickFix and North RePort!

The City of North Port selected SeeClickFix for its ease of use and the ability to streamline with other surrounding communities already using the platform. Throughout Sarasota County, the technology will now pinpoint where your situation is and automatically direct it to those responsible.

The City of North Port is excited about providing a great tool for the community while being on the cutting edge of technology. They’re also eager to connect directly to residents through the app and make it easier for them to get information and services through their social media and webpage. north-port-iphone-3

With this new app, the City of North Port fully expects many residents to get more engaged and help keep North Port a clean and safe place to live, work, and visit. There’s also excitement about reducing redundancies within their reporting system. Now, residents will have the ability to check and see if someone has already submitted the same issue. If someone has they can simply just follow it through resolution without having to submit the same concern.

Residents will continue to get the quality service they have come to expect from the City of North Port but reporting will be easier. Their service will now come with a new level of transparency and accountability for city staff: being able to see the entire process, making sure staff has acknowledged the issue and see it through to the end.

“The City of North Port is thrilled to offer this new technology which will allow us to better hear from residents and report directly back to them. It’s a new level of interaction and transparency which can only help the entire community stay on the same page surrounding issues which impact all of our lives.” - Josh Taylor, North Port Public Information Officer

Download the North RePort app for iPhone here:

Or for Android here:

Visit the website for North Report to submit issues here:

Or submit issues for North Port via SeeClickFix here:

Also check out this video from the City of North Port on how to report an issue using the North Report app: