Topeka, KS Launches SeeClickFix Topeka

Today, the City of Topeka, Kansas is making a conscious effort to increase transparency and open data with the release of its new citizen reporting app SeeClickFix Topeka. The City currently has many programs in place that are pushing the envelope in open government (see their open data portal at and SeeClickFix provides another piece to that puzzle with this new app.

Topeka chose to partner with SeeClickFix because it loved the way its platform integrated effortlessly with Cityworks. Topeka has been utilizing Cityworks in many of their departments for over a decade – it only made sense to look for a solution that could leverage a system that is engrained in their operations. The City also loves the geofencing capabilities that will allow their elected officials to be able to monitor requests in their districts and educate their citizens on how to do the same in their own neighborhoods.

One of the things the City is most excited about is having a true citizen engagement tool that allows for simple communication with a big impact. Because of this, the City is looking to receive three things:

  • To provide timely and transparent services to their citizenry
  • To hear what their citizens see and what their concerns are
  • To use this as an opportunity to educate their citizens on City operations
  • Topeka Fountain

    With this change in service to citizens, the City hopes Topekans will see that they want to engage with them and pay attention to what they see in their everyday lives. City staff can’t be in all places at once, so we are relying on them to tell us if there are issues, concerns and even kudos.

    “SeeClickFix won’t just put us on a level playing field – it changes the game for us. We are embarking on a journey of symbiotic citizen engagement, and we couldn’t be more excited for what’s about to happen with our relationship with our citizens.”

    Amber Reynolds, Technical Support Group Manager, City of Topeka

    Download the SeeClickFix Topeka app here: