Alachua County Becomes the 3rd Florida County to Launch SeeClickFix

Alachua County FL Photo credit.

Alachua County now joins Sarasota County and Pinellas County as the third Florida county to provide its 240,000+ population with the ability to report neighborhood issues directly to the county. It also joins the largest city in the county, Gainesville, as a SeeClickFix partner!

With Alachua County Connects, citizens will now be able to easily report quality-of-life issues (such as potholes, damaged sidewalks, roadside junk or tall grass) directly to the county with the right information to get the issues fixed. The county will be well-equipped and ready to manage, track, and report back to citizens. Alachua County Connects FINAL Image USE THIS ONE (1) The goals of providing excellent services, promoting quality of life, and maintaining and enhancing existing infrastructure is what the county strives for, and with Alachua County Connects, they’re excited to give their citizens a mobile application to help them identify and correct issues.

With this launch, Alachua County joins a dozen other cities and counties in Florida in empowering their citizens to engage with local government to transform their community.

• Download the Alachua County Connects app for iPhone here.
• Download the Alachua County Connects app  for Android here.
• Report an issue on the website for Alachua County Connects here.
• Report an issue for Alachua County via SeeClickFix here.