SeeClickFix’s Workshop Draws 60+ City Leaders From Across the Country

Image uploaded from iOS (2) On Thursday, February 23rd, over 60 representatives of 24+ different cities and organizations from across the country met in St. Petersburg, FL for our WrenchHeart Winter Workshop. Cities from Burlington, VT to Gilbert, AZ and everywhere in between came to "Florida's Sunshine City" to share ideas and best practices on improving government services.

Mayor Rick Kriseman gave the opening keynote, outlining the importance of listening and how to build and invigorate urban renewal by leveraging personal relationships alongside technological innovation.

A short walk around St. Petersburg to see the beautiful murals, the life in the boutiques and cafes, the success of local breweries and coffeehouses, and the vibrancy of its museums, is to experience firsthand the impact of Mayor Kriseman’s leadership and the dedication of his staff to a stronger, more unified community in a dynamic and diverse city. FullSizeRender (5) Dana Berchman and Derek Konofalski from Gilbert, Arizona, a brand new partner with SeeClickFix, followed with a great presentation on innovative and affordable ways to build a digital city as a means of increasing community involvement and public engagement. By leveraging the communicative channels of social media, podcasts, and online platforms, the City of Gilbert has established an incredible precedent for incorporating their citizens’ voices in their processes, improving their services, and collaborating with their constituents to promote Gilbert, Arizona to an international audience. Image uploaded from iOS (3) Mount Vernon Deputy Police Commissioner, Shawn Harris, closed the first half of the workshop with “Technology and 21st Century Policing”, an insightful analysis of how non-emergency “Quality of Life Issues” can influence crime rates in our communities. Harris’s presentation illustrated practical ways that new technologies offer opportunities for police departments to “engage and educate communities in a dialogue about their expectations for transparency, accountability, and privacy.” His theme focused on the importance of customer service in our law enforcement and government services, building upon the following fundamental principles:
  • Customer Feedback
  • Support
  • Innovation
  • Quality
  • Excellence
  • Friendliness
  • Service
  Image uploaded from iOS (4) We were honored to have Dr. Hank Hine, Executive Director of the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, as our guest speaker during the lunch hour. Dr. Hine described the crucial role that create space plays towards inspiring our communities and how the functionality and vision of SeeClickFix supports that role by providing a tool to improve the spaces in which we live, work, create, and innovate.

By showcasing not only the incredible initiatives and future projects at the Salvador Dali Museum (the largest collection of the artist’s work outside of Europe) but also the architectural and local artistry of St. Petersburg, Dr Hine reminded us how art invites our communities to consider different perspectives, new connections, and a shared sense of mutual respect and responsibility.

We began the second half of the day with a Product Workshop in which attendees participated in a collaborative exercise to outline the lifecycle of an issue. This exercise transitioned to a showcase of current features in the new SeeClickFix Android application and Work package (including duplicate issue detection, more efficient SLAs and escalation paths, and improved notifications) and a preview of new, upcoming features, such as an exploratory map tab in the CRM, an ESRI integration, updated mobile button designs, and a prototype for creating scheduled and recurring work orders.

Our Product Workshop was followed by a split session. Attendees could choose between an overview of how SeeClickFix can be used to address public health concerns, in particular the heroin epidemic threatening many communities in the Northeast, presented by Bill Ward, Director of Code Enforcement for Burlington, Vermont, or a glimpse at how digital reporting tools and crowd-sourced data can be applied towards improving the experience and efficiency of public transit provided by Sean Barbeau, Ph. D. at the Center for Urban Transportation Research of the University of South Florida.

Finally, David Flintom and Aaron Carmella of the St. Petersburg Mayor’s Action Center closed the Winter Workshop with a breakdown of how they use SeeClickFix to manage city-wide emergencies in St. Pete’s. Their presentation detailed how SeeClickFix helps with weather crisis communication and preparation as well as a post-storm response tool for areas that experienced damage or flooding with case studies from Hurricane Hermine and Hurricane Matthew.

20170224_193322 We capped the day off with a few games of shuffleboard over a few drinks and pizzas as the sun set over the tops of the palm trees of St. Petersburg.

We want to thank the Green Bench Brewery, Infused Tea Company, Cafe Bodega, 28 Grams Pizza, and the St. Petersburg Shuffleboard Club for the amazing food, the comfortable atmosphere and space, and the welcoming generosity and hospitality.

Thank you to our presenters and their respective cities for allowing them to share their ideas and insights from their local success stories and experiences.  Finally, we also want to thank David Flintom and Aaron Carmella for helping to plan and set up this amazing workshop and the city of St. Petersburg for being such a great host and place to visit!

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