The City of St. Johns, AZ Launches SeeClickFix for 3,500+ residents

Today, St. Johns, AZ launches SeeClickFix, a citizen reporting tool for its population of 3,500. City residents can now connect directly with their local government about neighborhood issues like potholes, graffiti, and more on the city’s website or through the SeeClickFix mobile app.

st. johns app St. Johns joins a growing network of SeeClickFix partner cities and towns throughout Arizona. In addition, SeeClickFix’s flexible platform shows the company’s commitment to partnering with smaller communities. St. Johns is another addition to a nationwide network of small towns that want to improve citizen services and work order management with limited resources.

St. Johns residents can now rest assured that if they report an issue through SeeClickFix, their government will receive the report and begin work on the issue. Residents will be able to comment on an issue, vote to get it fixed, and keep track of issues in their neighborhood with Watch Areas. Meanwhile, the city will be able to funnel issues through to completion while being more transparent and efficient.

The city aims to engage residents more intimately and more effectively. Citizens will not only be able to see that their local government is hearing their concerns, but also participate in taking active steps to better their community.

You can report an issue directly on the city’s website or download the SeeClickFix app for iPhone here or for Android here.