Fairfield Bay, AR Launches SeeClickFix for 2,297+ residents

Today, Fairfield Bay, AR is launching SeeClickFix, a citizen reporting tool for its 2,297+ resident. Fairfield Bay Community Club is launching the app on behalf of the city. Fairfield Bay residents can now reach and engage with the town government on the city website or through a mobile app. They can now report neighborhood issues like graffiti, illegal dumping, potholes and much more, with descriptions, photos, videos, and automatic geolocation. They will also now receive real-time updates on the progress in solving them.

Fairfield Bay is the first SeeClickFix partner in Arkansas. But like many other cities and towns in the region, Fairfield Bay is the latest town to make their commitment to citizen engagement and transparency clear with their partnership with SeeClickFix.

With the new mobile app, residents can report quality-of-life issues and receive updates on acknowledgement and receipt of the report and real-time progress updates until the issue is closed. Each type of issue will be routed automatically to the right department, making the connection between the resident and government workflow seamless.

With this new initiative, Fairfield Bay seeks to increase efficiency, engage more residents, and promote government transparency in Arkansas. This partnership with SeeClickFix marks a huge step forward for an even better Arkansas.

Download the SeeClickFix app for iPhone here.
Or for Android here.