Oshkosh, WI launches SeeClickFix for 67,000+ citizens

oshkosh logoToday, Oshkosh, WI is launching SeeClickFix, a citizen reporting tool for its 67,000+ residents. Oshkosh citizens can now connect directly with the city government on their website or through a custom branded mobile app called Connect Oshkosh (download for iPhone or Android). Citizens can report neighborhood issues like illegal dumping, blight, graffiti, potholes and much more. The web tools and Connect Oshkosh allow the inclusion of photos, videos, descriptions, automatic geolocation, and more.

oshkoshwi Oshkosh is joining a growing network of SeeClickFix partner cities in Wisconsin, which already includes towns like Wisconsin Rapids, Bayside, and more. This partnership signals Oshkosh’s commitment to increasing transparency and engaging a greater number of citizens. With SeeClickFix and Connect Oshkosh, Oshkosh citizens can report issues on the go and receive real-time updates on the city’s progress. While phone lines and email remain an option for engaging with the city, these digital tools will make it even easier.

In addition to the citizen engagement benefits, Oshkosh is excited to use the platform to increase internal efficiency. With better data coming in, the city hopes to identify areas of need, track and share the city’s response times, and improve services overall.

The city’s commitment to engaging as many citizens as possible while increasing transparency and internal efficiency is apparent. Oshkosh’s partnership with SeeClickFix marks a step forward for an efficient and transparent city and a better Wisconsin.

“We believe that SeeClickFix will be an effective tool for citizen engagement. Our residents will be our eyes on the street using their mobile devices to report issues in an interactive, easy-to-use manner.”
Mark Rohloff, City Manager

Download the Connect Oshkosh app for iPhone here.
Or for Android here.