The Sidebar Helps You Get Things Done!


At SeeClickFix, we are always looking for ways to improve speed and efficiency for our agency users. Today we are introducing a new tool that will dramatically speed up the process of finding and acting on requests in SeeClickFix. We call it the Sidebar and we think you’re gonna like it.

Here’s the problem:

  1. Sometimes finding a specific request is difficult. Perhaps a caller or department head is asking about a specific request or group of requests. I can only see so much information in the list, so I need to click into each request and then head back to the list.
  2. Other times, I want to move quickly through a list of requests — assigning and routing them to the right staff. But I need to verify the requests before I can send them, so again I need to click into each request and then head back to the list.

Here’s what we were hearing:

“I want to be able to see request details and act on requests right from the list view”.

That’s why we created the Sidebar. With the Sidebar, you can click on a request in the list view and quickly see all of its details in a handy sidebar that slides out from the right. From there, users can comment, assignee, change status or print the issue without leaving the list view. The Sidebar is also really helpful for taking bulk actions on requests. Now that you can quickly see the details of each selection, you can move accurately and quickly select requests.

Sidebar GIF