Find and Act with the Discovery Map

One of the most important tools for managing requests within SeeClickFix is the Map. Our current mapping tool has been helping government users for years, but it has some limitations. Today we are blowing these limitations away with an all new mapping tool called the Discovery Map. With the Discovery Map, you can now:

  1. View thousands of requests, clustered neatly into groups
  2. Filter and search to find exactly the set of requests that you are looking for
  3. Click on a request to see its details and take action right from there
  4. And, you can do all this from your desktop, mobile or tablet!

Here’s how it looks:


We are excited to see all the different ways that you are going to use the discovery map, but here are a few that we have seen already:

Find a needle in a haystack : A citizen or dept head is asking about a specific issue and you need a way to sort through thousands of issues to find that specific issue based on location, keyword search and other filters.

Assigning work based on location : Staff is out in the field and you need a way to quickly assign work based on category and location of issues. Alternatively, your staff can search for nearby issues from their mobile device and manage tasks on their own.

Visualizing trends and finding problem areas : You are planning for your 2018 budget and you need to know how many streets we should aim to repave so that we can budget correctly.

We think you are going to like the new Discovery Map!

Check out the video!