Kewanee, IL launches SeeClickFix to 12,000+ residents!

It’s official — Kewanee, IL is launching SeeClickFix to their 12,000+ residents today. Now, their residents will be able to report quickly and easily non-emergency issues directly to City Hall.

For Kewanee, launching SeeClickFix is about resident engagement that both expands services while increasing cost-effectiveness. By providing an app, Kewanee can continue to meet residents where they are — directly on their mobile phones. And they chose SeeClickFix, with over 300 partners, because of our proven track record of working with smaller cities like them.

“We’re excited about the opportunity to integrate technology into our service delivery, allowing people to use smart phones to voice their concerns in a variety of areas and get feedback regarding the issues they’ve raised.”
-Gary Bradley, City Manager

What you can you report? All kinds of issues you bump into in the day-to-day — including potholes and water leaks. And some more bizarre ones: For the first two weeks after launching, Kewanee will  have a request type of “Zombie” to encourage people to engage! If you see a rogue Zombie stumbling around the city, just use SeeClickFix! Begin reporting Zombies — and other issues — today: