Dixon, CA Launches SeeClickFix for 19,000+ residents

Today, the city of Dixon, CA is launching SeeClickFix, a resident reporting tool for its 19,000+ residents. The new tools — which includes a custom mobile app called Fixin Dixon — connects residents directly with the city government, allowing them to report neighborhood issues like graffiti, illegal dumping, potholes, water issues, and more. They will be able to include photos, video, descriptions, and can be kept updated about progress on fixing issues.

Dixon joins a wide network of SeeClickFix partner cities throughout Northern California, which includes cities like Folsom, Antioch, American Canyon, Oakland, Walnut Creek, and many more.

The city hopes to increase transparency and accountability by providing an even better customer service experience by providing a user friendly and customized app for residents. While phone lines and other options for reporting issues will remain open, these web and mobile tools will make it even easier to engage a broader base of residents. Dixon is excited to implement a more streamlined process for fixing issues that involves the public in a meaningful way, creating an opportunity for residents to become active participants in their community and have a deeper relationship and engagement with local government.

In addition to increasing resident engagement, Dixon will use the platform to increase internal efficiency. With the ability to gather better data, keep residents updated, and manage work, Dixon will improve service delivery overall.

Dixon’s commitment to engaging residents in a meaningful way and increase internal efficiency and transparency is clear. The city’s new technology-enabled initiative with SeeClickFix marks a step forward for the city as well as the region overall.

“Fixin Dixon (powered by SeeClickFix) is an exciting new app for the City of Dixon where residents can engage their local government in getting items of concern addressed and resolved. This system is a wonderful, transparent tool that will provide City Staff with an efficient, effective way to manage issues and remain accountable.” - Joe Leach, Director of Public Works Department and City Engineer

Download Fixin Dixon for iPhone or Android.